Aluminum Powder Coating Paint Stripping Chemicals - Aluminum Paint Stripper Case Study# 2 of 4

Aluminum Powder Coating Paint Stripping Chemicals - Aluminum Paint Stripper Case Study# 2 of 4   Paint Stripping Services: Case Study 2 of 4  

Miles Chemical Solutions         Green Powder Stripper to Strip and Remove Paint & Powder Coatings

Aluminum Wheel Stripping                           Aluminum Wheel Stripper to: Remove, Powder & Remove Clear Coating from Aluminum Wheels

Miles Chemical Solutions                  Eco-friendly Stripper: Paint & Powder Stripper - Non-Methylene Chloride


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Miles Chemical Paint Stripping - Case Study Data 2

Paint Stripper: Aluminum Panels Before and After Stripping with Miles Chemical Solutions Paint Strip   Products

Contact us for your specific paint stripper product requirements and for your Paint Stripping Recommendation

Product: CF 700
Product Application: Immersion
Substrate: Aluminum Substrate: Aluminum
CoatingWeight: 178 mg/ft(2) CoatingWeight: 165 mg/ft(2)
Crystal Size (median):  8 (microns) Crystal Size (median):  10 (microns)
Void: 0 Void: 0
Streak: 0 Streak: 0
Blush: 0 Blush: 0

Rating Scale

0 = none or excell
1 = slight or good
2 = moderate or fair
3 = severe or poor

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Powder Coating Stripper
MILES 8612 Powder Coating Stripping
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E-coating Paint Stripper Demonstration 
Uploaded by MilesChemical< Stripping E-coating  from Aluminum

with Miles Chemical Solutions, E-coating Removers & Powder Coating Strippers . 

MILES Aluminum Powder Coating Stripper
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